Jan 2020 - May 2020

5 months

Level Designer

For The Better

  • Designed a four-part quest that challenged the player's morality and ethics.

  • Created and designed four interior layouts that provided visual cues to the player about the purpose of each location.

  • Designed an objective can be implemented across all four quests that have no right or wrong answer.

Level Designer    

Junkyard Slog

  • Designed arena-style combat within the Junkyard area to encourage movement within the area.

  • Used lighting techniques to guide the player to the Junkyard area.

  • Implement art assets to create a polished-looking level. 

  • Developed a custom outro camera to showcase the tunnel within the level.

Aug 2019- Dec 2019

5 months

Level Designer

Love Kills

  • Wrote dialogues lines that included the location of each clue for the player to search for.

  • Designed each NPC’s personal areas to reflect their personality.

  • Added lighting and aesthetic details to illustrate the mood within the Tunnel.

      Jan 2018 - May 2018

5 months


Combat/Level Designer


  • Guided players through arenas with combat by using enemies as a point of interest. 

  • Designed waves of enemies with individual timers to swarm but not overwhelm the player.

  • Collaborated with other designers to maintain the combat intensity between levels. 

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

5 months

Level Designer


  • Designed levels that focus on the mechanics and fit the game vision.

  • Collaborated with other designers and artists to set dress each level to match the game aesthetics.

  • Designed a rule set for minimum and maximum distance for tethering to a crystal.

Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

5 months

Professional Experience

Aug 2020 - Present

Skyline High School

Dallas ISD

  • Teach 9th -12th-grade students about core principles of game design including core loops, flow, and agile. 

  • Constructed a project that exhibits the student's ability to master the 12 principles of animation. 

  • Design assignments that teach students about the fundamentals of C# programming.

  • Collaborated with students to design their resume and their online portfolio. 


Professional Certificate in Interactive Technology l Level Design Specialization

Southern Methodist University- The Guildhall l 2017-2020

Bachelor of Science - Psychology

Texas Woman's University l 2014-2017



  • Level Design

  • Quest/Mission Design

  • Scrum 

  • Agile Development​

  • Environment Storytelling

  • Narrative Design

  • Gameplay Design

Engines, Editors & Software

•    Unreal Engine 4
•    3D Studio Max
•    Source 
•    Perforce
•    Bethesda’s Creation Kit​

•    Twine

Scripting Languages

•    Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint
•    Papyrus
•    Lua
•    C#