Poster for Love Kills

Development Info

  • Game: Fallout 4

  • Genre​​: Narrative, Role-Playing

  • Development Time: 5 months

  • Engine: Creation Kit


  • Concept and documentation

  • Level Design

  • Mission Design (Dialogue and Global Variables)

  • Set Dressing




Love Kills is a murder-mystery quest in Fallout 4 that requires the player to find out who killed Lance's sister, Stephanie. The player will need to search every inch of the tunnel to find evidence of Stephanie's death.

Design Process

Follow the breadcrumbs

Overview of Tunnerl

During the quest, I wanted to provide hints to the player that suggest to them to look around the area. Within the dialogue, I provided NPC’s responses that provides backstory about their role within the tunnel and hints to the player.

Tunnel Overview

Flowchart of clues

Clues Overview

At the beginning, the player can talk to any NPC in any order. The player can follow any hint, but they will need to gather the clues in the correct order to find the murderer.

Picture of clue 1 (Frank key)

Clue 1 (Frank Key in the bathroom)

Picture of Clue 2 (Frank's Safe)

Clue 2 (Frank's Safe in Frank room)

Picture of Clue 3 (Frank confession)

Clue 3 (Frank's holotape)

Once the player has found the hints and gathers the clues, the player will be able to accuse the murderer and complete the quest.

Post Mortem

What went right?

  • I was able to give the player clear and clever clues for finding the murderer by adding hints of what locations to search within the dialogue.

  • Matching the NPC personality with their personal area through set dressing gave the player suggestions to their role within the tunnel


  • I struggle with providing feedback to the player when a clue is discovered. 

  • Not creating an AI schedule early enough in development made it difficult to navigate the NPC to their correct personal area after giving the quest to the player.

What did I learn?

  • Create an AI schedule early at the beginning of development. 

  • Adding dialogue that directs the player's attention to the areas of interest helps players find clues.